Oral Cancer

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Oral Cancer services offered in Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA

What is oral cancer?

Oral cancer is a specific type of cancer involving abnormal cell growth on the tissues in your mouth. Oral cancer can develop on your tongue, gums, cheeks, lips, palate, or the floor of your mouth. 

Like other types of cancer, oral cancer usually begins with no discernable symptoms or signs. This is why it’s important your WPD Dental Group dentist screens you for early signs of oral cancer regularly, particularly if you drink or smoke heavily. 

Later stages of oral cancer can present certain signs or symptoms. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should visit WPD Dental Group as soon as you can:

  • Jaw swelling
  • Mouth sores that don’t heal
  • Numbness or pain in your mouth
  • White or red patches in your mouth
  • A lump on your mouth or gum tissues

While these symptoms don’t always lead to an oral cancer diagnosis, it’s always best to have an examination just in case.

What is an oral cancer screening?

The team at WPD Dental Group provides oral cancer screenings to detect early signs of cancer in your mouth. Your dentist can provide this service during your routine dental exams.

During your screening, your dentist physically examines the inside of your mouth for patches, sores, and other lesions. They use a gloved hand to feel the inside of your mouth for lumps and other abnormal areas of tissue.

If your dentist notices anything suspicious, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have oral cancer; it just warrants further testing. Your dentist might test the tissue further by booking a second examination or by taking a biopsy of the abnormal tissue.

How is oral cancer treated?

If you have a diagnosis of oral cancer, your WPD Dental Group dentist carefully designs a personalized treatment plan or coordinates with your doctor or specialist to choose the best course of treatment.

Your treatment depends on the location and stage of the cancer, your medical and dental history, your personal preferences, and other factors.

Your dentist might suggest:

  • Stopping smoking or drinking
  • Healthy lifestyle changes, including nutrition tips and stress management tips
  • Oral surgery to remove cancerous tumors and mouth tissue
  • Mouth reconstruction surgery and other dental procedures to restore your smile

Nonsurgical treatments for oral cancer include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and targeted drug therapy.

If you have questions about oral cancer and oral cancer screenings, visit the compassionate dentists at WPD Dental Group. Call or schedule online today.