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"They have prevented many issues with my teeth. The best I’ve ever gotten with a periodontist." – Tammy

Prevention at its Best


Gum disease is the most common type of dental problem. The biggest issue is that periodontal disease doesn’t always show signs. Seeing a dentist is crucial in either ruling it out or correcting issues now.

Gingivitis Happens to the Best of Us

There are many ways we arrive at gingivitis, a common gum disease:

  • Illness – diabetes, cancer
  • Medications
  • Bad habits – smoking
  • Poor oral hygiene – lack of brushing and flossing
  • Family history

Whatever has caused your gum disease, our periodontists will provide extensive and gentle treatment to restore health. Not only do we focus on treatment, we also work to set you on the right preventative path for the future!

Periodontal Treatment

In some advanced cases, we will suggest periodontal surgery. And if you have any fears, our conscious sedation dentistry will alleviate your anxiety. Our expert team of dentists ensure that you are relaxed and safe.

All periodontal treatment, including surgery, is performed right here in our spacious and fully equipped Los Angeles dental facility. Our highly trusted periodontists focus on restoring your dental health using the latest in gum therapy.
If you have any periodontal issues, including tender gums, the sooner you can see us, the faster we can get you back on the road to premium dental health.