What are my options for dentures?

Older couple smilingAt WPD Dental Group, you can choose what type of denture best fits your needs. Traditional dentures feature a gum-colored acrylic base to fit over your gums. Prosthetic teeth attached to this base replace gaps in your smile. For lower teeth, the base of the denture is made in a horseshoe shape to accommodate your tongue.

Partial dentures fill in for natural teeth when you’re missing just one or a few but have other natural, healthy teeth. Full dentures fill in for an entire row of missing teeth.

You may also select dentures that clip onto implants. Dental implants are titanium posts inserted into your jawbone to replace missing tooth roots. These dentures are often permanently fixed into place.

What are the advantages of dentures?

Dentures offer an affordable, efficient replacement for missing teeth. They can last several years, but they must be repaired and refitted due to normal wear-and-tear and changes in the soft tissue in your mouth. You should plan on making regular six-month visits to WPD Dental Group to evaluate the fit and integrity of your dentures.

Dentures replace missing teeth, which helps:

  • Improve self-esteem
  • Enhance appearance and smile
  • Promote optimal speech
  • Support facial muscles to discourage slack
  • Allow you to eat a varied diet

Removable dentures are easily cleaned while permanent dentures benefit from the same hygiene you give your natural teeth.

What are immediate dentures?

You may be given an option to choose between conventional or immediate dentures. Immediate dentures are a good choice when you’ve lost your teeth to decay, illness, or injury and need quick placement. These premade dentures fill in gaps right away — you never have to go without teeth. They aren’t customized to your jaw, however, so they need regular realignment to ensure a decent fit.

Conventional dentures are the best choice when you’re looking for a long-term denture. These are crafted to fit your mouth exactly.

If you have missing teeth, consider dentures as a way to restore dental function as well as your look. Call WPD Dental Group to book an appointment or schedule online to learn your options.

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