Conscious Sedation

Patient getting dental treatmentAlthough we’re fluent in English, Korean, Japanese and Spanish, we know you don’t come to the dentist’s office just for conversation. And while we love to catch up on your life when you come to see us, we know that many people are reluctant to discuss their fears about dentistry.

We simply want to put that fear aside for good. With our more complicated procedures, we offer safe and comfortable conscious sedation so that you can relax during treatment.

Before we do anything, we’ll take as much time as you’d like to talk about your treatment. We will explain how your treatment will go and will thoroughly answer any questions you have. During the actual procedure, all you have to do is lie back in our contoured dental chair and relax.

Conscious Sedation Dentistry:

  • Is a sedative we’ll give you to relax you prior to your procedure
  • Will make you sleepy but not put you to sleep
  • Lengthy procedures will appear to pass by much faster
  • Allows us to focus on your treatment while you rest

You’ll be given the sedation pill either here in the office or to take a few hours beforehand at home. You will need someone to accompany you to and from our office with the at-home method. You’ll begin to feel relaxed and sleepy. While under the sedation, you’ll still be aware of what’s going on and will be able to respond to us.

During the procedure, depending on what you’re having done, you might have a local anesthetic. This injection numbs the specific area. We wait until after the conscious sedation takes effect to administer the local, so even if you’re normally afraid of needles, this time you won’t be.

The First Rule of Conscious Sedation

Dental conscious sedation is safe, easy and available for almost all procedures. There’s really only one rule: we insist you don’t drive yourself.

Smiling couple We can help arrange a taxi for you if you’d like, although it’s especially helpful if you have a family member or friend who can take you to and from the office as well as sit with you for a few hours once you get home since you’ll just want to nap.

Our team is ready to remove the anxiety you’ve always associated with dentistry. We want you to look forward to your time with us so that you can enjoy optimal dental health.

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