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Sedation Dentistry services offered in Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA

What is dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety is a common condition that makes it difficult to get the preventive or restorative dental care you need. Many people with dental anxiety have significant symptoms, including:


  • Inability to sleep the night before a dental visit
  • Feeling ill or highly stressed during dental appointments
  • Intense discomfort or distress thinking of instruments placed in your mouth
  • Difficulty forcing yourself to book routine dental visits


People develop dental anxiety in several different ways. Some had a previous negative experience in the treatment chair, while others are sensitive to the negative portrayal of dental care in pop culture. 

How can sedation dentistry help with dental anxiety?

Sedation dentistry offers the chance to get the care you need without undue fear or anxiety. It’s an approach that helps you relax and get through your dental visits with ease. 


You might only need sedation dentistry to get through the first couple of visits at WPD Dental Group. Once you become comfortable with the office and team, you may find there’s no need for sedation during subsequent visits. 


Some people use sedation dentistry to help them with cosmetic dental treatments. Team members find it especially rewarding when sedation options allow you to move closer to your ideal smile. When you rely on the practice for your care, we treat you with respect, and your decision on whether to use sedation dentistry is honored and supported. 

What kinds of sedation dentistry options are available?

WPD Dental Group proudly offers conscious sedation as an option for easing dental anxiety. This approach uses oral medication to help you relax before your visit. Once your medication takes effect, you might feel a bit sleepy, but you can still respond to instructions given by your dentist. 


Conscious sedation helps make lengthy dental procedures seem to happen more quickly. You simply rest and relax while your dentist addresses your needs. 


Because the medication used in sedation dentistry makes you sleepy and reduces your response time, it isn’t possible to drive yourself home after your visit. Ask a friend or loved one to accompany you to your appointment. 


To explore sedation dentistry in greater detail, call the office to book a visit or spend a few moments online to find a time that fits your busy life.